Reward travelers for
going above and beyond

Tripkicks Rewards

Total flexibility in reward offerings

Tripkicks provides the ultimate flexibility for rewards, so that companies can tailor their portals to what is most meaningful and valuable to their travelers, while also being aligned with company culture and objectives. Our large variety of options can be filtered or added to, based on company requirements. For larger organizations, Tripkicks can also integrate with your internal rewards platform, to consolidate platforms.  

Travelers share in
company savings

When travelers make cost-conscious decisions that save your company money, they share in the savings generated. Companies can customize the percentage that goes to the traveler, and set the parameters necessary to receive rewards.


Rewards that align
with company culture

Rewards options can differ by group of employees and/or country, and companies can select from hundreds of options that align with their specific priorities and culture.

Tripkicks Rewards iMac

Enhance the
traveler experience

Tripkicks makes it simple for travelers to track their points and redeem them for meaningful rewards. Travelers receive a new perk for going above and beyond, and companies have complete control over the program.

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