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Tripkicks Budget

Dynamic budgets customized to program priorities

Tripkicks has developed a proprietary budgeting algorithm that incorporates a vast amount of market data, and is highly configurable and controlled by each customer. When searches are done within the booking tool, the algorithm will query and return real-time market rates and fares from select and preferred suppliers. 


Seamless Integration

Budgets are displayed directly in your online booking tool. Travelers are presented with separate flight and lodging budgets, and can earn rewards by beating one or both budgets.


Simple Incentives

Tripkicks makes it easy for travelers to see how many rewards they can earn by choosing options that beat their budgets. Travelers are in full-control, and are provided with the information to make better, more cost-conscious decisions.



Budget Customization and Calibration

Customers control the calibration parameters, which allows them to easily establish baseline and conditional rules, including location-based rate caps. Budget calibration can be adjusted at any point in time either directly by the Company Admin, or by reaching out to Tripkicks directly. 

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