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Tripkicks is a simple add-on to your travel program that helps you reduce travel spend, improve policy compliance, and enhance traveler satisfaction.

Be empowered with insights to travel more confidently, make better decisions, and earn rewards for going above and beyond.

Tripkicks is a simple add-on to your booking tool that works with your current tech stack to provide travelers with actionable insights about their trip and guidance on appropriate spend, empowering them to make better decisions as they book their travel. 

Now more than ever, travelers need access to important information before they book their business trips. Tripkicks provides insights and information to travelers, directly within their booking tool, at the time of booking. Travelers can easily see information on visa requirements, border restrictions, travel advisories, health and safety information and other intelligence specific to their destination; as well as supplier specific insights on flight capacity, on-time statistics, current Covid-19 protocols, hotel cleanliness, available business amenities, and other custom messaging and tips from their company’s travel program.


What can you do to better
avoid travel disruption?

Be better informed on events and activities that may impact your trip, before you book it. With Tripkicks, you’re empowered with the insights and information to help avoid disruptions, and be better prepared on what to expect to ensure your trip is successful.

Discover what suits you best

Tripkicks’ in-depth supplier intelligence allows you to easily compare itinerary options, based upon the factors that are most important to you. Discover key information about flights, like current capacity, on-time percentage, and Covid-19 protocols; as well as insights for hotels, like cleanliness ratings, business amenities, eco-certifications, and more.

Earn rewards for
going above and beyond

Companies can enable Tripkicks Rewards for travelers who go above and beyond to save their company money. When travelers beat their budget, they can select from a variety of meaningful rewards. Tripkicks Rewards Portal features gift cards, cash, carbon offsets, charitable donations, travel perks, and other custom options.

Tripkicks Rewards iMac

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