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Tripkicks is a simple add-on to your travel program that helps you reduce travel spend, improve policy compliance, and enhance traveler satisfaction.

Improve the employee experience of your business travelers
and equip them with the tools to keep them safe.

Tripkicks is a simple add-on to your booking tool that works with your current tech stack to provide travelers with actionable insights about their trip and guidance on appropriate spend, empowering them to make better decisions as they book their travel. 

Employee experience matters, and with Tripkicks you can improve the experience of the employees that travel for your company. Now more than ever, travelers need important information to help them make decisions when planning trips. Tripkicks helps to improve traveler confidence and ensure productivity by presenting them with actionable insights, giving them what they need to make better decisions and support the goals of their trip. Travelers can see up-to-date travel advisories and safety information for their destination, as well as helpful hints to ensure they make the best decisions. Companies can leverage Tripkicks to enhance traveler experience, and maintain a competitive program for current and potential new employees.

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