CreditCards.Com highlights Tripkicks in recent analysis on the rise of bleisure.


CreditCards.Com explores how Bleisure is increasing in popularity among travelers, and in particular, millennials. “It’s no surprise that this concept is popular among millennials as they take more business and leisure trips than any other demographic,” says Jeff Berk, CEO of business travel platform Tripkicks.

“Experiences are incredibly important to millennials and the appeal of adding an exciting or fulfilling personal endeavor while furthering your professional career is compelling,” says Berk. “Additionally, more companies are embracing bleisure and recognize it as a positive for maintaining work/life balance.”

More companies are embracing “bleisure” and recognize it as a positive for maintaining work/life balance.

Jeff Berk, Tripkicks CEO

There’s another reason bleisure has proven popular. According to National’s survey, 49 percent of millennials said saving money was a motivator for merging work with personal vacations.

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